Love Boat Night in Hyères? Heading for the Plein Sud

animations club plein sud hyeres

With the sun setting over the Mediterranean for decor, chic outfits, ties and sequins invite themselves every Thursday evening aboard the panoramic restaurant of the Hyères-Les-Palmiers hotel. Immediate boarding and heading to Plein-Sud for an unforgettable gala evening. That evening, the restaurant and staff are transformed into a boat and cruise crew in order to deliver to the guests a real evening of the Commander, such as it could take place at sea without however leaving the mainland.

Commander’s party

On the boarding deck, and as usual, the guests are personally welcomed by the Commandant (the director of the centre) and his officers (the person in charge of leisure and the director of catering) dressed, for the occasion, in real uniforms.

“We think we’re aboard the Love Boat” (Linda, 61 years old)

soiree animee plein sud

Everyone is entitled to their traditional photo with the Commander and it is with a smile that passengers join their seats around a table covered in white. Once boarding is complete, departure operations take place. A sailor, the chief of ceremony, announces the departure as well as the various stops! Ready to turn… the journey can begin.

A festive meal

Unlike the usual, dinner is served on the plate. It is then a parade of waiters who bring to each table, dishes and festive drinks. Everyone enjoys the delicious smells and a gala meal specially prepared by the chef. Each dish is welcomed by the guests with enthusiasm and envy.

The eyes sparkle and the taste buds swoon with pleasure.

Love, exciting and new…

The dinner is accompanied by a crooner singing a varied repertoire in the background. But every stopover is an opportunity for passengers to take a break through a great musical show. First stop in the Orient. To the sound of Maqâm music, belly dancers and orientals wiggle in front of the amazed eyes of the guests. Then heading for St. Petersburg. Russian polyphonic songs take the guests on a joyous journey, clapping their hands in rhythm to accompany the Kazatchok dancers.

animations club plein sud

It was very amusing to see our animators dancing the Kazatchok (Axel, 9 years old, child club fan)

Then, thanks to this special boat, the cruise stops in Bombay and gives way to a Bollywood atmosphere that the youngest are surprised to discover. Finally, when dessert arrives, the last stop is in Brazil. Feathers, sequins and wild music make passengers stand up. They then indulge, with pleasure, in a party worthy of the greatest Rio carnival.

An amazing evening

In order for everyone to have a pleasant trip, while the adults at the table chat happily with their families on the promenade deck, a team of mosses is busy entertaining the children. Even if at each stopover, the latter attend the show, bowling, card games or even riddles are also planned program. So the kids can have a magical evening too!

When the boat finally returns to port around 11 pm, it is with a full stomach and sparkling eyes that everyone leaves the restaurant… finally the ship! Outside, the crew forms a hedge of honour so that the passengers do not stop travelling from surprise to surprise.