The flying trapeze

In the South, we don’t skimp on strong emotions. Throughout the summer, the circus entertainment and the flying trapeze attract visitors. Whatever your age, come and fly through the air… emotions guaranteed!

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  • Children’s trapeze
  • Circus


During the spring holidays in Plein Sud you can meet budding artists. Thanks to the music-hall entertainment, children can experience all aspects of a great show.

  • Costumes
  • Decorations
  • Direction of the show

Intergenerational games

School periods in the South are an opportunity to reconnect generations with each other. We meet parents, grandparents and grandchildren who are happy to share warm and friendly moments:

  • Intergenerational games
  • The music
  • Back to school

Magic at Plein Sud

Learning magic can be an accessible dream ! In our club, children take this very seriously. It is with great enthusiasm that young people rush to the classes

  • A renowned magician
  • Learning and mystery
  • Showtime

Heading to the Plein Sud

With the setting sun and the Mediterranean as scenery, chic outfits, ties and sequins invite themselves every Thursday evening aboard the panoramic restaurant of our hotel. On the program :

  • Commander’s evening
  • Holiday Meals
  • Shows

Vidéo storytelling

We invited two funny and dynamic Youtubers and their families to spend a few days at Plein Sud. They tell us about their experience in the South of France in pictures and videos.

  • The flying trapeze
  • Superhero holiday
  • White Parties