South facing, for the reconnexion between generations

If from the opening at the end of February to April, the Plein Sud is a real cocoon for holidaymakers who come to enjoy the off-season, school periods are an opportunity to reconnect generations between them. We meet parents, grandparents and grandchildren who are happy to share warm and friendly moments. The pleasure of meeting together sweats on the faces and everyone is looking forward to the evening to enjoy the entertainment offered by the entire club team.

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School is not over!

Let’s do it! Let’s do it! Music from Sheila and school benches welcome participants to the great intergenerational evening entitled “School is not over”. For the occasion, the auditorium was transformed into a real classroom of yesteryear. On the stage a large blackboard dominates like a spectrum of more or less recent memories, while everyone sits feverishly in front of the schoolchildren’s tables! The concern is palpable! When the master enters, two worlds clash. Sixty year olds (or more) get up respectfully, while teenagers sit back and continue to talk.

I laughed a lot when my grandfather got up to welcome the fake teachers, for me it’s so old-fashioned!
(Charles, 12 years old)

Play with your family

The one-night faculty team sets the rules. Mobile phones are confiscated and the donkey cap is presented to the audience. Smiles accomplices of the oldest and source of questioning for the youngest. The goal tonight is to pass the Certificate of Study! “Pass the what?” Anthony asks, whispering to his grandmother sitting next to him. A nostalgic smile from the old lady who is trying to explain the degree she was so proud to receive once.

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“It’s great to immerse myself in our school memories, I was happy to share that with my grandson.”
(Annie, 73 years old)

But there was no time to discuss, in a studious – and nevertheless festive – atmosphere, the questions followed one another. Maths, French, History-Geo everything is played in a great intergenerational game. In teams, families work on the topics. Everyone gets caught up in the game and in a good-child atmosphere you can see concentrated faces at each table. We are witnessing lively debates about the coronation of Saint-Louis… or Jennifer Lawrence’s latest film! Generation conflicts guaranteed! Then the copies are collected for correction and the certificates are issued the next day.

Music as a link between generations

The highlight of the evening is undoubtedly the musical dictation. When Ludivine presses the buzzer after recognizing “Master Gims”, it is a mixture of misunderstanding and pride that drives her grandmother who came to play with her.

“What Maître Gims is teaching ?”
(Yvonne, 62 years old)

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The youngest remain speechless when the elders wiggle to the sound of “Alexandria, Alexandra”! Finally, as if to end a good school day, a giant battle of paper pellets broke out. The seniors – at first hesitant – fight back joyfully in front of the children who give it their all.

“It was so good that I asked my grandmother if we could start over at home?” (Gwendoline, 8 years old)

And it is in a mixture of laughter and nostalgia that the evening ends. Everyone leaves proud and happy to have had such a good time with their family.