A magical stay in Plein Sud

Learning and doing magic can be an accessible dream! In our Plein-Sud holiday club, children take this very seriously. It is with great enthusiasm and after signing a confidentiality agreement – committing the young trainees not to reveal the magician’s secrets – that the 7 to 16 year olds rush to the workshops led by the great magician Dorian Maknamara.

A famous magician… but however accessible

Because we don’t play with these things, at Plein-Sud, the “magic” classes, organized during school holidays, are entrusted to a professional who has become an international star since his time in Las Vegas. Yet it is with kindness, gentleness and pedagogy that he puts himself within the reach of children. And it is besides a very simple man and without manner that the holidaymakers are happy to discover.

“It’s impressive to have such a star as a teacher, it was with great kindness that Dorian agreed to make selfies with us.” (Alexandre, 14 years old)

sejour magie hotel plein sud hyeres

Every afternoon, the little magicians hurry to finish their lunch to go to the big room. Whispers and complicit glances then fill the corridors. When Dorian finally invites them in, they step out the door with a mixture of admiration and impatience.

sejour magie hotel plein sud hyeres

Learning, silence and… mystery

The atmosphere in the room is studious. The children watch Thomas, a 7-year-old magician learning a trick under Dorian’s guidance. the children watch Thomas, a 7-year-old magician learning a trick under Dorian’s guidance. He makes a card appear here, a scarf there and suddenly the frenzy wins the audience! Dorian turns to the audience and in a gentle and kind voice seeks her advice. Everyone then goes from their advice. And nothing escapes their eyes now experts !

sejour magie hotel plein sud hyeres

“What I love about magic is keeping it a secret.” (Fanny, 9 years old)

But when the club manager accidentally opens the door, silence is total. The little magicians freeze and shut up… no question of revealing anything to a layman !

Showtime !

End Clap! The children leave the stage extremely proud of their magic acts performed with brio. Joy – and a little relief – can be seen on their faces, for some did not hide their stage fright. The parents are still amazed by what they have just seen and rush towards their offspring. The praise is high and it is in a great brouhaha of congratulations and shared pride that the evening ends. When a father asks his son to tell him “the trick”, the answer is irrevocable. Serious the little boy shakes his head, he’ll keep quiet no matter what! Magician’s secret!

“Our son participated several times in Dorian’s classes, but he never wanted to tell us a single thing”, (Philippe, Leo’s father, 8 years old)